Cameron Schmidt, P.L.Eng Project Manager

Cameron Schmidt, P.L.Eng

Cameron Schmidt, P.L.Eng

Project Manager

Where are you from?
Dawson Creek, British Columbia

What led you into this field?
I grew up in a family-run water and sewer construction business. My father was an engineer with many talents and as a child I always attributed it to him being an engineer. My family’s business gave me the groundwork to see construction projects first-hand and my father gave me the framework to become “the guy” to design and manage projects as an engineer.

What is your professional education, background and expertise?
I have a business diploma from Grande Prairie Regional College and a Civil Engineering Technologist Diploma from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. I now practice as a Civil Engineering Technologist within the fields of Land Development Design, Project Management, Building Services, Surveying and Construction Resident Inspector.