Mark Baker, CET Engineering Technologist

Mark Baker, CET

Mark Baker, CET

Engineering Technologist

Where are you from?
Lethbridge, Alberta

What led you into this field?
Ever since I was a young child I was always interested in road construction. Looking out the side of the truck while on a road trip with my parents I would often dream of driving a giant dozer. As I grew up I became more interested in architecture and design and eventually found a field where the two interests merged.

What is your professional education, background and expertise?
Studied at Lethbridge Community College, was hired out of school in Grande Prairie in 2005 where I spent the first four years of my career working on Subdivision Design, Site Development, and Field Supervision Experience. I then joined the City of Grande Prairie Capital Engineering Department and spent three years gaining knowledge of contracts, capital planning and project management as well as project cost monitoring. In 2012 I joined Helix Engineering Ltd. and have focused on Subdivision Design and Construction as well as Site Development.